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Review: The Terror Within (1989)

The Terror Within poster

Once upon a time, a fella named Ridley Scott made a little film called Alien.  It is universally agreed (or it should be if it isn't) that Alien is only like the most awesome movie in the history of history, and a wee bonny horror fan like myself had her brain broken on brown shag carpeting in a living room in the Midwest many moons ago whilst watching it.  That little girl horror fan grew up into a full-grown horror nerd, but I have never stopped loving Alien.

And then along came The Terror Within. This Roger Corman-produced Alien wannabe has about twice the sleaze and half the scares, and while the mostly educated, judgmental little feminist in me might have a problem with that, I can't help but say the movie is a damn good time-despite its many faults.  Of course, if you're going to enjoy it, you have to view it with the right attitude.(read more...)