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Posts by Aaron Edgell

Review: The American Nightmare (2000)

American Nightmare

To avoid fainting, keep repeating "It's only a movie....It's only a movie." This was the famous tagline of Wes Craven's infamous first film Last House on the Left. If, however, the producers of The American Nightmare are correct, things aren't that simple. Instead of looking at the effects of the horror movie on society, this original independent Film Channel documentary examines several horror movies of the 60s and 70s as a mirror of society.(read more...)

Review: Frostbiter: Wrath of the Wendigo (1996)

Frostbiter: Wrath of the Wendigo

Yep, its another Evil Dead rip-off, but this one is full of Troma Goodness. The movie opens with a very old man writing an account of his battle with the Wendigo, an ancient evil spirit, that took place over one hundred years before the start of the movie. He managed to defeat the creature and trap in inside a mystical circle created with the skulls of the monster's previous victims. The old man warns that, should the circle be broken, the evil would return even stronger than before and plunge the world into darkness...(read more...)