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Posts by Chris Justice

Review: Duel (1971)

Duel 1971 poster

Too many film critics find joy in bashing Steven Spielberg. I am not an ardent fan of his, but his genius and love of cinema exceed the majority of those in Hollywood. Anyone who can claim directorial rights to Jaws, Schindler's List, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and E.T. is, to put it mildly, okay in my book. And yes, I have seen several of his films, and I have enjoyed many. But to truly appreciate Spielberg's talents, one should visit his 1971 closet classic Duel. Released as a television movie and produced on a shoestring budget in two weeks, Duel resonates with the sparks of genius that have lit the fire illuminating Spielberg's Hollywood journey.(read more...)

Review: Near Dark (1987)

Near Dark poster

Since Near Dark's release in 1987, the lore surrounding this innovative vampire Western has evolved impressively. Many cinephiles, including horror fans and their brethren from other camps, consider Near Dark an underground classic. Nothing I can write here in this review can enhance or undermine its legendary status. But as I watched this film for the first time, I must admit I'm not even sure I liked it. But I was sure I was viewing something profoundly unique.(read more...)

Review: Orca: The Killer Whale (1977)

Orca: The Killer Whale poster

Orca vs. Jaws. Ok, not exactly "The Thrilla in Manila," but Orca could throw a few jabs that would stun Jaws. At least that is the way director Michael Anderson, who also directed the 1976 sci-fi classic Logan's Run, portrays this notorious killer whale. The film features Richard Harris as Captain Nolan, the ancient mariner-whaler; Charlotte Rampling as Rachel Bedford, a seductive, sagacious marine biology professor; and a young, sexy Bo Derek as one of Nolan's compliant assistants. Orca: The Killer Whale, released in 1977, assumes the mantle established by Jaws and takes it one step further. Full of surprises and cinematic bravado, Orca is not the shameless Jaws rip-off some have claimed.(read more...)

Review: The Blob (1958)

Blob 1958 poster

Reactions to most horror films usually don't cause dancing, especially to a song with quirky lyrics that celebrate the monster. But in The Blob (1958), that is exactly what I found myself doing, moving to a Latin beat with these lyrics written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David: "It creeps, and leaps, and slides and glides, across the floor, right through, the door, and all around the wall, a splotch, a blotch, beware of The Blob." But it's hard not to celebrate the allure of this amorphous creature, which has become uniquely entrenched in American popular culture in a manner similar to other monster archetypes such as Dracula, Frankenstein, and King Kong. How often have you heard something unidentifiable called a "blob"? More times than I care to admit.(read more...)

Review: The Sentinel (1977)

Sentinel 1977 poster

To this day, I still fear turning on the light switch in my mother's kitchen. During the day, our dining room lurks on that wall's other side. At night, ghouls forever embedded in my mind after three decades of horror films still lurk behind it. But the main reason for this discomfort is The Sentinel released in 1977. I probably viewed The Sentinel at an age when I shouldn't have. It scared the hell out of me at nine-years-old and has the same chilling effect 25 years later. To this day, I can still see that ghoul emerging from the shadows.(read more...)