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Posts by Jenn Dlugos

Review: Ghostbusters (1984)

Ghostbusters poster

I should probably start out by saying that this movie is, and will forever be, my favorite movie of all time (along with The Rocky Horror Picture Show, for completely different reasons). Ghostbusters and I were a perfect match. I was old enough to be in the Ghostbusters craze, but not too old to enjoy the cartoon and the toys. Ghostbusters was the first VCR tape I owned, and also the first DVD I bought. I was fascinated with ghosts when I was little and out of the blue came a comedy about ghost busting. It only made sense that I’d fall head over heels for this movie. I’ve seen this movie a good million times (give or take a couple thousand viewings).(read more...)

Review: When a Stranger Calls Back (1993)


When a Stranger Calls has been hailed as having the most intense opening sequence of any horror movie. How many of us still shutter when we think of the words “The call is coming from inside the house!”? While the rest of the movie didn’t hold up to this level of suspense (which, to be fair, would have been impossible), the movie surely caused many a babysitter’s hair to stand on edge when she was alone in a strange house. Surprisingly, When a Stranger Calls Back delivers the same amount of “opening sequence thrills”.(read more...)

Review: The Boston Strangler (1968)

The Boston Strangler poster

“One by one the victims fell, each death more gruesome than the last….” The “true horror story” of The Boston Strangler kept many women off the streets at night. Today, the faithful horror viewing population can still relive the terror in this epic film. This film is an important film for all horror fans and film students. Whether it’s the film’s landmark shooting style, the controversial subject matter, or Tony Curtis’s finest performance on celluloid, you should be hanging your head in shame if you haven’t seen this film already.
(read more...)

Review: Wizard of Gore (1970)

Wizard of Gore poster

As is very obvious to the poor souls that have the displeasure of knowing me, I have a documented obsession with the man we call Herschell Gordon Lewis. I am arguably the only homosapien on this planet ecstatic over the promise that Blood Feast 2 will be coming soon to a theater near you. Plotless? Absolutely. Pretentious? You could bet the farm on it. Absolutely asinine? You could bet your ant farm on it. These are some of the reasons I bow down to this man. Wizard of Gore was the film that sealed this unhealthy addiction for me.(read more...)

Hammer, We Hardly Knew Ye

I’m sure all you boils and ghouls remember the very first time you saw Peter Cushing swing across the screen in Brides of Dracula. Perhaps, you felt a twinge in your stomach when you saw Christopher Lee show his fangs for the first time in Horror of Dracula. Or maybe you just couldn’t help to be swept into the atmosphere of The Hound of the Baskervilles. Regardless, there is a certain feeling you expect to generate while watching the typical Hammer horror. To the classic horror fan, Hammer is to horror as plastic is the Michael Jackson’s nose. However, there is a whole other side the Hammer in which few classic horror fans venture to.(read more...)