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Comic-Con International 2007 Has Begun!

San Diego Comic-Con International, the biggest popular arts convention in the world, started its 2007 incarnation with Preview Night, where holders of the four and three-day passes were able to wander the Exhibition Hall before things launch properly tomorrow.

A couple pictures to tease you for the coverage we have in store throughout the next four days:

Faux Cherry Darling
A faux Cherry Darling from Robert Rodriguez's "Planet Terror" segment of Grindhouse entertains onlookers at the Weinstein Company booth.

Resident Evil: Extinction Motorbike
A specially customized motorcycle used to promote Resident Evil: Extinction at the Sony Pictures booth.

Stay tuned for more coverage from Classic-Horror.com as San Diego Comic-Con International 2007 continues.

Classic-Horror at San Diego Comic-Con 2007

Comic-Con logo

San Diego Comic-Con International, the single largest, most important gathering of fans from across the world, runs from July 26th-29th this year, and Classic-Horror.com will be there every step of the way. Stay tuned to the Haunted Newsreel for daily updates on the hottest new horror movies, starting next Thursday.(read more...)

Trailer for Argento's "The Third Mother"

Yahoo! Italy has the official trailer for Dario Argento's The Third Mother, the long-awaited follow-up to Suspiria and Inferno. You can see it here. Be warned that the trailer is heavy on text, and all of that text is in Italian. Still, you can get the basic gist of things from context. The Yahoo! page also contains some exceptional-looking stills and the official poster.

Monster Squad Screening at San Diego Comic-Con International

We've just received word that Lions Gate will be holding a screening of Fred Dekker's The Monster Squad at San Diego Comic-Con International to promote the new 20th Anniversary DVD. In attendance will be Dekker and Squad members Andre Gower, Ashley Bank and Ryan Lambert, who will all participate in a panel after the screening.

When: Saturday, July 28th, 2007 at 7:30PST

(read more...)

Lamberto Bava Talks "Room 213", "Masters of Italian Horror"

Lamberto Bava, director of Demons and son of Italian horror legend Mario Bava, talked to Fangoria recently about his upcoming project, Room 213. “It's a psychological thriller about a girl who is studying a serial killer,” Lamberto said. "The killer is still alive, but he has been in a coma for six years. However, someone starts to kill again in the same style as him—but is it just a copycat or could it be something else? It is very strong—very bloody."(read more...)

Twisted Terror DVDs from Warner Bros.

Twisted Terror collection

Warner Bros. has announced the "Twisted Terror" collection, six horror DVDs available as either a set or individually on September 25th. Included in the collection are a number of much-awaited titles making their DVD debut, such as Wes Craven's Deadly Friend (1986), Oliver Stone's The Hand (1981), the Amicus anthology From Beyond the Grave (1973), the John Carpenter TV movie Someone's Watching Me (1978), and Eyes of a Stranger (1981), featuring makeup effects by Tom Savini. The only film in the set that has had a previous DVD release is Manny Coto's Dr. Giggles (1992), although the old Good Times disc has been out of print for some time.

The films should retail for $14.97 individually or $49.92 collected in the box set.

Big Budget "Troll" Remake

Bloody-Disgusting.com just confirmed that there are plans to remake John Carl Buechler's 1986 film Troll with a much larger budget. The original film stars Noah Hathaway as Harry Potter, Jr., a boy who discovers that his sister is housing an evil troll, looking for the ring that will give him the power to transform the world. The film also features Michael Moriarty, Sonny Bono, and June Lockhart. There's also a sequel available, Troll 2, directed by Claudio Fragrasso.

No word yet on who is putting up the money for this remake, nor do we know about any attached cast or crew.

Midnite Movie DVD Covers Galore!

The folks over at DVD Drive-In have posted a treasure chest's worth of covers for the September 11th Midnite Movie releases. The most interesting thing about the images is that it looks like 20th Century Fox is using their distribution deal with MGM to co-opt the Midnite Movies brand-name. Expect to be completely broke by September 12th.(read more...)

Website for "Skinwalkers" Fully Launched

Classic-Horror received an email from the fine folks at After Dark Films the other day letting us know that the website for James Isaac's Skinwalkers is complete (Skinwalkers.com). A cursory glance around the website reveals that most sections are still "coming soon", but expect that to change, well, soon. At the moment, you can access the film's trailer, synopsis, and message board.

In Skinwalkers, a young boy has the power to change the destiny of the werewolves. One faction of werewolves, seeking to end their curse, protects the boy. The other faction, which revels in bloodlust and savagery, will do anything to protect their way of life. For them to continue, the boy must die.

Skinwalkers comes out nationwide on July 27th, 2007.

New "Misery" Collector's Edition DVD

Misery, Rob Reiner's 1990 adaptation of the same-named Stephen King novel, will be receiving a brand-new collector's edition DVD, according the King fansite Lilja's Library. The disc will contain two commentary tracks, one by Reiner and the other by screenwriter William Goldman, as well as numerous featurettes. The featurettes include:

  • "Misery Loves Company"
  • "Marc Shaiman's Musical Misery Tour"
  • "Diagnosing Annie Wilkes"
  • "Advice for the Stalked"
  • "Profile of a Stalker"
  • "Celebrity Stalkers"
  • "Anti-Stalking Laws"

The theatrical trailer and teaser trailer will also be included in the package.(read more...)