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Series: Zé do Caixão

Review: This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse (1967)

This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse poster

The sequel to At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul (which is touted as Brazil's first horror film), This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse has a lot more going for it than just an amazing title. While often 'cult' films are fueled by a strange fervor that has nothing to do with any actual merit to the film itself, This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse manages to be something unique and special. It combines rampant sexuality with grotesque curiosity, yet still touts Christian morals. While it's definitely not something you'll always want to pop into your DVD player, the film is one that you'll find yourself mentally dwelling on more than might be healthy. But make no mistake, unless you have a healthy morbid curiosity, you're probably better off leaving this film alone.
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Review: At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul (1964)

At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul poster

Zé do Caixão (or as he's known in the United States, Coffin Joe) is something of a horror film legend and obscure cult figure all at once. The character, the creation of Brazilian actor-writer-director Jose Mojica Marins, is only infrequently included in books on the genre and only one tome (as far as I can tell) has been utterly devoted to him. Yet once you've seen him, you're not likely to forget him; from his  all-black suit to his long, curved fingernails, he's an imposing figure. My first Zé do Caixão sighting came in the pages of Phil Hardy's Encyclopedia of Horror, in a publicity still from This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse, which had Zé leering over a female victim, all ten of his fingers hovering like talons over her eyes.(read more...)

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