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Posts by Thomas E. Richardson

Review: The Day It Came To Earth (1979)

The Day It Came to Earth poster

Lots of low budget indie movies are fun. Sometimes their own sheer inanity becomes their most endearing factor. Things like The Slime People, The Blob (the original) or Biohazard. Then again there are some Indies that just don't know when to quit (ie., The Milpitas Monster where, so the story goes, the entire town pitched in to help make the movie) or should never have gotten started in the first place. That is what brings me to tonights' subject matter.(read more...)

Review: Wolf Blood (1925)

Wolf Blood

Say "silent movies" to anyone under 30 and they are liable to respond "Boring!", but that is because they have never really seen one. Even worse, mention silent scary movies to anyone at all and they will most likely think Phantom of the Opera or The Lost World (both 1925) because those two are the prime examples. Actually, though, there have been scary movies since the very beginning of moving pictures.(read more...)