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Help Wanted

Classic-Horror is always looking for new contributors to add to our pool of writers. Whether you like to write reviews or blog about horror's history, we may have something for you.

Writers for Classic-Horror should be, first and foremost, fans of classic or obscure horror. Beyond that, we need people who demonstrate a firm grasp of the English language, good grammar and spelling, and an ability to communicate ideas effectively and intelligently.

It is important to note that Classic-Horror is not your average horror review site. We focus primarily on classic horror, and attempt to keep modern horror coverage to a minimum. Our writers are required to cover the classics, in addition to any modern projects that may catch their interest. Because of our historical focus, Classic-Horror's content is held to a rigorous editorial standard. Writers for our site need to be prepared to handle constructive criticism, as the editorial process often demands several drafts.

The position is not paid. However, since Classic-Horror fills a special niche in the online horror community, it is a unique opportunity to contribute to the genre in ways not readily available elsewhere.

To apply, simply go to the Contact Page, select the "Writing for Classic Horror" option, and let us know your name and your general interests within the genre. We'll get back to you with more details.

Please note: We are close to reaching our limit on film reviewers. While we will continue to consider applications for reviewers for the time being, we are much more interested in regular columnists/bloggers.