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Review: The Devil Rides Out (1968)

Devil Rides Out poster

Sometimes you just have a strong urge to go with something that is at once new and familiar. That's when I usually plug in something from Universal, Troma, or Hammer. In this particular instance, I picked the latter company, and the film I chose, The Devil Rides Out, proved to be a startlingly fresh and exciting flick.(read more...)

Review: Bad Taste (1987)

Bad Taste poster

Okay folks, this is the one that started it all. Sure, our beloved director Peter Jackson had many works before this epic sci-fi horror romp, but this is the first one he actually was able to finish. Though originally thought of as a disaster, Bad Taste became one of the most popular cult classics of the 80s, and now with Jackson at the helm of the Lord of the Rings series, its popularity just continues to grow and grow....(read more...)

Review: American Psycho (2000)

American Psycho poster

Lurking below the skin of every seemingly well-adjusted male is a homicidal psychopath waiting to burst out. Such is the message behind Mary Harron's adaptation of Brett Easton Ellis's misogynistic Me Generation novel. This film is as much at home with Fight Club as it is the recent spate of "I Remember the 80s" flicks.

Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) at first appears to be the least despicable member of a group of self-obsessed Wall Street yuppies. However, appearances are quite deceiving, as we slowly learn. It seems that Bateman's nocturnal activities have a slightly... deadly ring to them.(read more...)

Review: The Frighteners (1996)

The Frighteners poster

A marvelous blend of horror, humor and incredible special effects, The Frighteners is one of the better films of 1996, and certainly falls into any "must see" list of horror films from the 90's.

Since part of its effectiveness lies with the many unusual elements of the plot, I suggest that you skip over the next two paragraphs if you have yet to watch The Frighteners. Even though I won't give away real spoilers, it's best if you know nothing about The Frighteners the first time you watch.(read more...)

Review: Heavenly Creatures (1994)

Heavenly Creatures poster

One of the most lively debates in the horror fandom is the most basic one: "What is horror?" Everybody has their own definition. For the most part, I take a pretty laidback attitude about it. Sometimes a film comes along, though, that really makes me sit up and delve into the subject.
(read more...)

Review: Wishmaster (1997)

Wishmaster poster

Wes Craven's Wishmaster is darkly and nihilistically marvelous, an extremely enjoyable horror fantasy, even though it is heavily indebted to its influences at times as it treks through Evil Genie Land.

Beginning with a great sequence set in ancient Persia and showing the destructive power and tendency of the djinn (the Wishmaster/genie of the title), Wishmaster quickly moves to present day America. Robert Englund (the actor who portrayed Freddy Krueger) is an extremely wealthy collector of art and ancient artifacts and has imported a statue from Persia that unknowingly contains a jewel that is the key to awakening the djinn. After an accident, the jewel is revealed, stolen by a dockworker, and makes its circuitous way to our heroine.(read more...)

Review: Werewolf (1996)

Werewolf 1996 ad

While not completely without merit, Werewolf suffers from a full complement of problems typical of direct-to-video releases. Unfortunately, these aren't all budget-related; some of the flaws are simply inexplicable.

Werewolf begins with an unlikely team of archaeologists on an unlikely dig in Arizona finding an unlikely werewolf skeleton -- completely intact. Obviously this isn't the movie to watch if you dislike implausibilities.(read more...)

Review: Tenebre (1982)

Tenebre poster

Varying from pleasant exercises in gore and creepy thrills to sustained boredom and ridiculously bad filmmaking, Dario Argento's Tenebre sprawls like shiftless drunk passing out on a nice couch.(read more...)

Review: Before I Hang (1940)

Before I Hang poster

In the late 30s/early 40s, Boris Karloff had two basic roles (outside of his work at Universal) - he would either play the kindly misunderstood scientist or the condemned/murdered man given new life. In Before I Hang, he gets to play both.

In the space of 10 minutes, Dr. Garth (Karloff) is sentenced to hang for the mercy killing of a patient, goes to prison, meets Dr. Howard (Edward Van Sloan) and perfects his youth serum. Alas, he makes the all-too-common mistake of using the blood of a murderer, so when he injects himself roughly 15 minutes in, you know troubles a-brewin'.(read more...)

Review: The Mothman Prophecies (2002)

Mothman Prophecies poster

The bad news is that when it comes to flaws, The Mothman Prophecies seems to have lifted one too many from In Dreams. In Dreams arrived late in the 1990s, just when that decade's teen horror craze was emitting its dying breath (although we know that it's bound to get back up and chase us again as if it had never been stabbed). It was promoted as a return to `classic horror', although `classic versus teen horror' is more apocryphal than most horror fans admit, but instead it gave us interesting ideas wrapped in a drama package unpleasantly dipped in molasses and with a clichéd ending that you could see coming from the next state.(read more...)