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"Amityville" Remake Trailer Rocks


A couple days after the last edition of Haunted Newsreel, a trailer for the Amityville Horror remake found a home on the web, but it was only available for viewing on MTV.com and you could only watch it through a very new version of Windows Media Player that I did not have. Well, now the trailer is available for everyone to view (everyone with either Windows Media, Quicktime, or Real Media on their computer, that is) at http://www.amityvillehorrormovie.com . I wasn't expecting much from this movie, as I thought the original Amityville was a bit lame, but this trailer raised my expectations for the remake somewhat (the meter on my Expectation-O-Meter shifted from "I really don't care" to "Looks a bit swell"). Also, if viewing the trailer for the film wasn't enough to keep you satisfied, a website known as inlandempirestikesback.net has posted 27 big, juicy, crystal clear photos from Amityville, which can be viewed at the following address: http://inlandempirestrikesback.net/v-web/gallery/TAH .