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Attack of the New Trailers


This is just a little heads up-a few trailers for upcoming films have found their way to the web. Below is a list of the new trailers, along with some linkage so you can click, sit back, and enjoy the Windows Media/Quicktime magic…

…okay, I lied. None of this is "magic", with the exception of Rottweiler and maybe Creep and The Nun (notice, the only exceptions are the independent films). Everything else listed here looks, and this is purely from viewing the trailers, like feces. I felt the need to include this, however, to illustrate the point made in the beginning of this column. Yeah, go ahead…watch it. See what I mean?


Ring Two


Hide and Seek


The Nun

Don't get me started on Cursed…I wish that Wes Craven would learn from the travesty that was the Scream trilogy not to make a slick, "oh no, fellow teens with problems of our own, let's run from this horrific threat!"-type of film. Horror fans want to see Craven make something like his first film, Last House on the Left - a gritty, brutal, and horrifyingly realistic tale of rape and murder, not a mockery of the genre that made him famous. You'd think Craven would cater to the horror fans, since he is considered a horror "legend," but I guess that's the power of money. From the looks of it, Cursed is Scream with werewolves as the killer. Oops, looks like I accidentally got started on Cursed. Well, while I'm at it…

…what's with all the little kids uttering "scary" phrases?!? Nearly every Hollywood horror film that's come out since Resident Evil has featured an angst-ridden child spouting something like "You're going to die" in what is usually a British accent.

If only films would stop trying to imitate each other…