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Dead Dog Comics Keep the Horror Comin'

Dead Dog Entertainment is a company I've had my eyes on for a few months ever since I caught an ad for their Night of the Living Dead comic series in Rue Morgue magazine. Fangoria.com recently checked in with Dead Dog to see what projects they have up their sleeve, and they discovered a helluva lot of projects, all of which I have organized and summed up for your reading pleasure:

The Horror Show
This will be an anthology book of short stories based on films such as The Howling, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and a story based on The Book of the Dead created by Tom Sullivan, the man behind the special effects of the Evil Dead series.
Release date: February

The Howling: Curse of the Blood Clan
I'm assuming that this is a completely new story based on the Howling films.
Release date: February

Creatures of the Night #1
Apparently this series will focus on a new monster every issue. This first issue will be a retelling of the classic tale of Frankenstein's Monster, for example.
Release date: May

Book of the Dead
This is obviously a comic based around Tom Sullivan's legendary version of the Necronomicon, created by Sullivan himself and some guy named Josh Medors.
Release date: July

Creatures of the Night #2
This second issue will focus on everyone's favorite exhumed and concealed creature: the Mummy.
Release date: August

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Dead Skin Mask
I'm pretty sure this is a new story based on the cult classic film. Can never have enough Leatherface, I suppose.
Release date: October

Creatures of the Night #3
This issue is titled, "The Creature from the Depths", so I can only imagine what monster this will be based upon…*cough*Creaturefromtheblacklagoon*cough*.
Release date: November

Creatures of the Night #4
I guess The Howling comics weren't enough werewolf action for Dead Dog, as this fourth issue centers around…you guessed it, a werewolf.

Keep in mind that Dead Dog is already currently publishing their Night of the Living Dead: Barbara's Zombie Chronicles series. Overall, I think that each and every one of these comics are issues to look forward to, because if the art shown on Dead Dog's website is any indication, the art contained inside the pages of these comic book will totally and completely, in every sense of the words, kick ass.