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Future Goodies from Classic-Horror


Classic-Horror.com is a small site, but we're getting bigger all the time. I just thought I'd take a second to give you all a heads-up on what we have planned for the next few months.

If you haven't had a chance to check out the coverage from San Diego Comic-Con International 2007, find the time, because it's awesome. All the coverage for this Comic-Con and Comic-Cons past is collected in one place. Plus, there's more to come including interviews with Robert Englund, Jeffrey Combs, Hatchet director Adam Green, and Blair Witch and Believers director Daniel Myrick. Additionally, we'll have features on The Strangers, Neil Marshall's new post-apocalyptic thriller Doomsday, and expanded coverage of terror television series "Moonlight", "Torchwood", and "Supernatural".

It is taking us some time to get these features up, but keep in mind that everything on this site is run by just two people and whatever volunteer help we can get (much love goes to our reviewing staff, as well as Emily Langton for helping out with the reporting at Comic-Con). We need all the bodies we can get, so if you have any interest in writing news stories for Classic-Horror's Haunted Newsreel, please apply.

From a review standpoint, we have a few pieces coming in from our newest staff members, Eric Miller and Timothy J. Rush. Additionally, we're planning something huge for October. If all goes without a hitch, you can expect to see a new review every weekday during our Shocktober Classics event this year, plus a few surprises...

I'd also like to use this post as a sounding board. I've turned off the need to register to post comments (although all comments are screened) and it will remain off for the next few days. Let us know how we're doing and what you'd like to see from the merry boils and ghouls at Classic-Horror.com.

The Future of Horror

This site is a real gem. A small, quality site can scale up fast if the timing is right. I think you are in a good position and look forward to SHOCKTOBER. I'll keep tuning in, and maybe do some thinking and see if new ideas come up. There may be a tchnology change in the not too distant future. After all, Web 2.0 is so.....well 2005. The next phase should be good for Classic-Horror.- Gary

Thanks, Gary. We'll keep

Thanks, Gary. We'll keep working hard if you keep reading.

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