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"Halloween 9" May Have Screenwriter


The ninth entry in the Halloween franchise just might see the light of day. Novelist Nicholas Grabowsky (check out his website here: http://www.downwarden.com ) is currently in talks to write the film. According to Grabowsky's site and Creature-corner.com, "Nick is meeting with producers to write the next Michael Myers flick this summer. His ideas are innovative, and go well beyond the story into merchandising and offshoot novels. Major players in the Halloween movies history are behind him on this, and be sure to check out his interviews on the upcoming AMC special/DVD release Halloween: 25 Years of Terror, coming soon." I haven't read any of Brabowsky's work, but after perusing his website, I'm becoming a little bit interested. He doesn't seem like the type of guy who would allow Myers to kung-fu battle with Busta Rhymes again, so interest in Halloween 9 is rising for me.