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Remake Planned for "Plan 9 from Outer Space"

Plan 9 from Outer Space poster

Bloody-Disgusting posted the news that Darkstone Entertainment is putting together a remake of famed bad director Edward D. Wood, Jr's magnum opus Plan 9 from Outer Space in celebration of that film's 50th Anniversary. The new movie will simply be titled Plan 9 and it has the blessing of surviving cast member Conrad Brooks. Director John Johnson plans to honor Wood's original vision, making the kind of thrilling film Wood himself might have unleashed, had he not been limited by 1950s filmmaking technology (and, one assumes, a dearth of talent). The release date for the film is currently set for September 9th, 2009. You can read more at the production's official site.

This might sound like a crazy (or awful) idea, but as a younger lad pushing carts at my local grocery store, I used to dream about making a big-budget Plan 9 remake with only major Hollywood talent: John Cusack, Ian McKellen, Renee Zellwegger -- those types. While Darkstone's plans are likely less ambitious (they have previously released only direct-to-video titles), I commend their vision and hope that they aren't as deluded as Wood himself in their ability to pull this off. It would be a shame if this turned out awful, because Wood's film may have been terrible, but it was also an original. A bad remake would just be worthless.

Edited on 05-30-2008, 15:16 EST to correct director's name.

The question is whether Jack

The question is whether Jack Johnson plans on cross-dressing while directing.

In all seriousness, though, I agree with you on this one.  A bad remake would be pointless.  A good one, though, is a nice way to honor a director who had a lot of heart but no talent whatsoever.


ok, first things last, its not Jack Johnson, but JOHN Johnson... lol... and John, and the crew of Darkstone, are really looking forward to this project, as am i, i grew up watching 50's b horror, i absoultly love it... as for crossdressing, ok, i dont want to go there, no no, bad image... this one should be wonderful, its being made by fans, and it is going to be a blast to see when it premiers...


Well, in today's time everything which had an impact of some sort in the world of media is copied and put out again, music, movies, etc.. And normally the impact of the original derives from the exceptional quality. But in the case of "Plan 9 from Outer Space"the impact of the original derives from its jerkiness. It is certainly an interesting task for a director to copy this jerkiness. Or will John Johnson just make yet another bombastic 3D-graphics SCI-FI-feature? but in the end I'm going to watch the new movie and this is what the film company counted on when they started this project. How the film actually turns out was of secondary concern for them, I guess.