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Romero Involved in Living Dead Video Games


Listen… do you hear that? Oh, that's just the angels rejoicing, for it has recently been announced that George Romero has teamed up with video game production company HIP Interactive to create a series of games centered in Romero's Living Dead universe. If the game is truly what it seems, the "ultimate experience in gaming" for horror fans, then this is the game I have been begging someone to create ever since I played Grand Theft Auto: Vice City with that "citizens riot" cheat activated ("Wouldn't it be cool if they made a game like this with zombies?", I'd say). My advice is for all the Romeroites around the world to simultaneously keep their fingers crossed until more news surfaces on the web. And you can, of course, bet your reanimated rotten corpse loving ass that when more news does surface regarding this game, I'll let you know in a future edition of Haunted Newsreel.