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"Saw" DVD Details Announced


I regret from the bottom of my deepest clavicle not going to see Saw during its theatrical run. It seems as if everyone is rubbing it in, too, because all I hear everywhere I go is how awesome the film was. I get the point, I screwed up by not going out and viewing it. Now, however, I am in luck, because Bloody-disgusting.com has reported that the film is coming to DVD, though a specific date is strangely not listed. The features that the DVD will include however are, and they are the following:

Rating: R for strong grisly violence and language
Closed Captioned: Yes
Spanish Availability: Yes
Format: Widescreen and Full Frame
Audio Status: 6.1 DTS & Dolby Surround 5.1

Special Features:

Commentary with Director James Wan and Writer/Actor Leigh Whannell
"On The Set" Featurette
Music Video for Fear Factory's "Bite the Hand That Bleeds"
Making of "Bite the Hand That Bleeds" Music Video
Trailers and TV Spots.

I solemnly swear to bring you more news as to when this DVD will hit stores as soon as I hear it.