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Sci-Fi Originals Coming to the Small Screen in 2005


The Sci Fi Channel is widely renowned for the unique brand of original motion pictures it produces-masterpieces in both script, direction, and visuals.

Okay, so, that's not it at all, but Sci Fi is great for satisfying your corny B-movie craving, and by the looks of their recently announced 2006 lineup of Sci Fi originals, next year will continue their tradition of showing you the most abhorrent-yet-loveable movies since the days of Ed Wood! Here's the list:

* Fire Alien, a tongue-in-cheek film about a fire-breathing alien, produced by William Shatner.

* Gryphon, an epic fantasy about a prince and princess from opposing sides of two warring kingdoms who must join forces to defeat a mystical gryphon conjured by an evil wizard.

* Heat Stroke, an action-adventure from Farscape executive producer David Kemper about an alien invasion which leads to massive global warming.

* Citadel, starring Corin Nemic as a member of an elite corps of American soldiers who must destroy a creature unleashed on Europe by the Nazis after D-Day.

* Black Hole Terror (working title), a thriller from director Tibor Takacs (Mansquito) about a failed experiment which threatens to swallow the entire Midwest. Kristy Swanson and Judd Nelson star.

* Squid/Tentacles (working title), a creature feature starring a giant squid which attacks the crew of a treasure-hunting expedition.

* Magma, a disaster film about a volcanic eruption, starring 24's Xander Berkley and Reiko Aylesworth along with Amy Jo Johnson (Felicity).

Personally, my favorite title out of all the aforementioned is Fire Alien. Not that Squid/Tentacles or Black Hole Terror aren't creative, but Fire Alien…it's the Taco Bell of movie titles.

Obviously you have no idea just how much I love Taco Bell.