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The End is Near

The End is Near

This is not the easiest article I've ever had to write. On June 15th, 2012, the site's 13th birthday, Classic-Horror.com will cease updating. We will continue publishing biweekly reviews up until that point (on Fridays instead of our usual Mondays), but after that, the site will remain up only as an archive.

There are a number of reasons for the site coming to a close in three months, but none of them are particularly important. Basically, it's time to move on. Thirteen years is a good run.

I wanted to give a little warning rather than cease out of nowhere, because I want to point out that we will have some incredible reviews from our staff, who are some of the best writers I have ever known. We're going to go out on some of our strongest material.

There will be another post on June 15th, a final farewell post, where I talk about more about the closure. This post is just a friendly notice that the end of the book is drawing near.

So sorry to hear that - this

So sorry to hear that - this is, by far, the most comprehensive and articulate site I have found when it comes to reviews.  I'm glad to hear it will the archives will continue.  Thank you for all of the hard work and great information throughout the years!

It's been such an honor and

It's been such an honor and so much fun to be a staff writer here.  Best wishes for the future!

To awaken thrilling horror!

Rats. I will miss this

Rats. I will miss this website an awful lot. Thanks for all the work you put into it for so long.

Thank you for what must have

Thank you for what must have been a thankless job. This is what the Internet is for. God bless.

"Thank you for what must have

"Thank you for what must have been a thankless job. This is what the Internet is for. God bless."

I can't think of a job that I have ever been more grateful to have. It has been my pleasure and delight to run this site these nearly thirteen years.

"He went for a little walk! You should have seen his face!"

It's so sad that after 13

It's so sad that after 13 years all going to be shut down but you right people need to think about the future too. thank you for all this wonderful work you did until now and good luck with everything you do.

13 years? Wow, thank you for

13 years? Wow, thank you for all of your hard work! Good luck to everyone!

I'm very sorry to hear this

I'm very sorry to hear this Nate, but I wish you and the other writers of this fine site the very best of luck in your future endeavours. Glad to hear that Classic Horror will remain online as an archive - it's one of my go-to sites for research, recreation and recommendations. I can't believe its 13 years old! A great run indeed. Best wishes and luck. :)

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