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The Inevitable "Day of the Dead" Remake


They messed with Night of the Living Dead, and it wasn't half-bad. It had a good cast, and didn't change too much of the formula. Then, they provided a "redux" of Dawn of the Dead. It was okay, but Romero's trademark extreme gore and social commentary was lost and replaced by a new, hip, action-oriented formula. But I can deal with that. I never held Dawn of the Dead on as high of a pedestal as I did Day of the Dead, one of my favorite films of all time…wait, what?!?

Bloody-disgusting.com recently reported that the people behind the remakes of The Amityville Horror, Terror Train, and The Wicker Man are teaming up with Nu Image and Millenium films to produce…a remake of Day of the Dead.

But I'll try not to be pessimistic. I'm starting to realize that remakes have become ways to make a new film sell-most usually contain tons of new ideas never seen in their predecessors, and feature only a slight resemblance to the original in the basic setting and title. Let's just hope that the "new ideas" that will without a doubt be presented in this Day remake are good ones.