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"The Manson Family" Coming to DVD April 26th


Certainly the best news of the last two weeks for me has been the following: The Manson Family is arriving on a 2-disc DVD set on April 26th. For those that haven't heard, The Manson Family is supposedly one of the most disturbing portrayals of Charles Manson's murders ever filmed, and has been in production for fifteen years (!!!!). That and the soundtrack totally rips, as it features an entire catalog of Phil Anselmo-related bands such as Superjoint Ritual and Necrophagia. I'm not sure if anything soundtrack-related is part of any of the two discs' special features, but I am sure that some of the special features include:

--The theatrical version of the film
--The director's cut version
--"The Van Bebber Family" documentary, which, according to Dread Central, "includes new interviews with the film's cast and crew, telling the story of the movie's lengthy production: it began in 1988 as a movie called "Charlie¹s Family," and Van Bebber's attempts to find the funding to complete the movie gave rise to rumors that the director was doing everything from flipping burgers at Wendy's to relying on armed robbery."
--"In the Belly of the Beast" documentary, which, also according to Dread Central, "features Van Bebber and other independent filmmakers at the FanTasia Festival in Montreal."

I am wishing very hard that Armageddon does not happen until after April 26th, and luckily something tells me that I have nothing to worry about.