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The Terrorphile: The Gremlin Show (fanvid)

Gremlins poster

I really have no excuse for this one. Sometimes I have stupid ideas and they won't leave me alone until I execute them. Please forgive me.

  • Seriously, I mean it. There is no excuse for mixing The Muppets with Gremlins, other than ... I don't know. No, sorry, can't think of anything. No excuse whatsoever.
  • Joe Dante is crazy. I only leveraged that crazy for my own ends.
  • Most of the footage is Gremlins 2, because the little green fools were nuttier in Gremlins 2.


This is brilliant!I guess one

This is brilliant!

I guess one of the three rules when it comes to Mogwai is not: Never let them do a musical comedy variety program.



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