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Welcome to the New Classic-Horror.com!


You've probably noticed a few things that are just a bit... different around here. After a lot of hard work by a lot of different people, the brand-new Classic-Horror.com has finally launched on the site's eighth birthday. We're running on the Drupal content management system, which allows us the flexibility to offer all sorts of new features. I'm really excited about the possibilities that this opens up for the future of the site.

What you can expect in the new Classic-Horror:

Brand new look. You've probably noticed this one already. The new look is more compact and easier to read.

Newsreel. We've toyed with a news section before, but this time we're making it a permanent reality. The Haunted Newsreel will update as often as we can manage -- we're hoping it will be daily. As a sample of what's to come, check out our visit to the set of Pathology. If you have something to say about a news story, do so! Commenting is open to all registered users.

Reviews. The same great quality you've come to expect (or that we hope you've come to expect) with a few more bells and whistles. When you look at the Cast and Crew sections, you'll notice that every single name is clickable. The review images are larger and will always reflect the DVD we feel is the best possible purchase for a particular film.

Service Links. Save a review or news story to your Google or Yahoo bookmarks. Want to share with the world? You can submit it to del.icio.us or Digg or even send it directly to a friend.

New URLs. Every single page has a new URL that more accurately reflects the article's title. If you have older pages bookmarked, don't worry. For the moment, we are still supporting the legacy URLs from the old static site.

RSS Feeds. Drupal automatically generates RSS feeds for us, so you can easily syndicate our content to your browser bookmarks or personal homepage. If you're using Firefox, you'll see an orange icon on the right side of the address bar. Clicking it will give you three RSS feeds from which you can select your up-to-date Classic-Horror experience.

There's so much more than that, though. Keep an eye on this story as we add more to it over the next few days.

This relaunch of Classic-Horror wouldn't be possible without the support of some incredible people. Thanks to Julia, Robert, Eric, Chris, Dana, Justin, and Jason for your hard work in keeping this site amazing. Further thanks to Emily, coltsbane, and footontheground for the beta testing.