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Posts by Justin Goble

Review: Cannibal (2004)

Cannibal 2004 poster

When I hear people talk about Canada, I think of Rush, Neil Young and the ubiquitous expression "eh." Beyond that, our "northern neighbor" hasn't done that much for me. But the country has been putting out a lot of horror films lately, such as the beloved Ginger Snaps series. Sharing the same straight-to-video U.S. fate as those films, festival stalwart Cannibal (aka White Skin) recently began showing up on video store shelves.
(read more...)

Review: Frailty (2001)

Frailty poster

When I first heard about Frailty, I was a little taken back. Bill Paxton making his directorial debut with a horror movie?(read more...)

Review: The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

Hills Have Eyes 2006 poster

Okay, I'll say it ... I haven't seen the original The Hills Have Eyes. Deride my horror hound credentials as you wish.

While this omission may be a terrible sin in the eyes of many, it gave me a chance to view Alexandre Aja's remake without being tainted by my opinions of the original. What I can say is that, on it's own merits, the new Hills Have Eyes is an intense, visceral experience that is hampered by terrible pacing and characters that, while sympathetic, are rather flat and forgettable.(read more...)