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Bela Lugosi

The Masters: Bela Lugosi test
October 20, 1882
August 16, 1956
Horror Movies as Actor
Der Januskopf 1920
Dracula 1931
Island of Lost Souls 1932
Murders in the Rue Morgue 1932
White Zombie 1932
Night of Terror 1933
The Whispering Shadow 1933
The Black Cat 1934
Mark of the Vampire 1935
Murder by Television 1935
The Mystery of the Mary Celeste 1935
The Raven 1935
The Invisible Ray 1936
Shadow of Chinatown 1936
The Gorilla 1939
Son of Frankenstein 1939
Black Friday 1940
The Dark Eyes of London 1940
The Devil Bat 1940
The Black Cat 1941
Invisible Ghost 1941
Spooks Run Wild 1941
The Wolf Man 1941
Bowery at Midnight 1942
The Corpse Vanishes 1942
Ghost of Frankenstein 1942
Night Monster 1942
The Ape Man 1943
Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man 1943
Ghosts on the Loose 1943
One Body Too Many 1944
The Return of the Vampire 1944
Voodoo Man 1944
The Body Snatcher 1945
Zombies on Broadway 1945
Scared to Death 1947
Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein 1948
Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla 1952
Mother Riley Meets the Vampire 1952
The Black Sleep 1956
Bride of the Monster 1956
Plan 9 from Outer Space 1959

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