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Final Details on "Masters of Horror" Season 1 Box


Fangoria.com has scored the final details on Anchor Bay/Starz Entertainment's "Masters of Horror" Season 1 box set. Coming August 28th, the set will collect all 13 episodes of Showtime's horror anthology series in a "mausoleum" box. Also included (and this is the new information) will be a fourteenth disc with some intriguing featurettes. They are:

  • "Masters of Horror" Dinner: Executive producer Mick Garris gathers the Season 1 directors to converse over a meal at Hollywood's Magic Castle restaurant.
  • "Masters of Horror" Director's Guild of America discussion
  • Two segments from Garris's 1980s cable talk show "Fantasy Film Festival", featuring Steven Spielberg and John Boorman.

The set's suggested retail price is set at $79.97, although you can expect it to be lower at online retailers like Amazon.com. The collection is limited to 20,000 units.

Now My Thoughts...

*sigh* This is DVD double-dipping at its worst, especially since I seem to recall Anchor Bay stating there would not be a seasonal set. "Masters of Horror" has yet to live up to its full potential and it's become annoying to walk into the video store and see unpurchased MoH DVDs taking up entire shelves in the Horror section, while companies like Blue Underground and Dark Sky get relegated to obscure "Cult" areas, if they're even available at all. I won't be buying this set.

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