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Horror Comes to the 2010 Phoenix Comicon

Phoenix Comicon 2010 logo

Phoenix Comicon is this weekend and I'll be in attendance on behalf of Classic-Horror. Like last year, I've been asked to participate in a couple of panels.


Not Another Remake! (Room 152, 8-9PM) -- Join Arizona's top Horror Film aficionados for a spirited discussion of the pros and cons of the Horror Film movement of remakes. Hot on the release of the "Nightmare on Elm Street" remake, the discourse is sure to be lively! Why so many remakes? Panelists: Danny Marianino, Nate Yapp, Jeff Dolniak, David Hayes


Japanese Monster Invasion (Room 153, 9-10PM) -- AZ's top Japanese Monster "Kaiju" experts examine the cross cultural phenomenon entrancing fans for years. From Godzilla and beyond and from the rise of the Kaiju in its earliest incantations to modern day interpretations. Panelists: Damon Foster, Nate Yapp.

Hope to see some of you at the convention. If you see a ridiculously tall, painfully lanky fellow in glasses, it's probably me.

I wish I could have made it

I wish I could have made it but unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control, we couldn't attend. I really wanted to see what the opnions were about remakes. I'd give my opnion on horror film remakes but they are not exactly pleasant and the content would be unrated.

Will there be a transcript of the event?

Lindsey Churosh (Lady Ash)