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Keanu Reeves is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Woah.

Keanu Reeves

First of all, I apologize for the subject line. I'm sure there was a way to work in "I know kung fu" instead, but it's late and I'm tired. Moving on. Keanu Reeves will star in Universal's Jekyll, described by The Hollywood Reporter as a "modern retelling" of Robert Louis Stevenson's novella Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Justin Haythe (Revolutionary Road) will write the script and Nicolas Winding Refn (Pusher I-III) is in negotiations to direct.

There does not appear to be any relation between this new Jekyll and the recent BBC miniseries of the same name (which was also a modern retelling) or Guillermo Del Toro's mooted adaptation of the Stevenson tale (another Universal production, scheduled to be made sometime after Del Toro finishes The Hobbit).

Reeves has another chance to

Reeves has another chance to redeem himself for his surfer-inspired take on Jonathan Harker in FFC's Dracula. I think he has the experience now to make that happen.