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Kevin McCarthy (1914-2010)

Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy, an actor famous for his role in Don Siegel's Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956), died Saturday, September 12, 2010, at the age of 96, according to the New York Times. In Invasion, McCarthy perfectly captured the creeping paranoia of his character, Dr. Miles Bennell, as he discovers that his friends and neighbors are being replaced by emotionless pod people. His wild-eyed cries of "They're here! They're here! You're next!" in the film's prologue are today part of the sci-fi geek patois. In 1978, McCarthy appeared in a cameo in the remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, yelling the same paranoid warnings. That same year, he appeared in Joe Dante's Piranha, marking the beginning of a fruitful collaboration between the actor and director. McCarthy would eventually appear in seven Dante films, the last being 2003's Looney Tunes: Back in Action. Even late in his life he was still acting in movies, television, and on stage, as well as making personal appearances. He will be greatly missed.

I was deeply saddenned and

I was deeply saddenned and shcoked to get onto my computer today and see that IMDB had posted that Sci-fi icon (It's a tribute to the film and all concerned in its' production that his image is so strongly connected to this film as is his vocal narration throughout)Kevin McCarthy passed away today. His image and performance is so strongly associated with the movie "INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS" that it actually overshadows just about anything I remember that he was in otherwise. Perhaps, Tim could do a piece on his other work which I'm sure is considerable and just as good as his perf in teh aforementioned. and by the way, hello Tim, it's taken me YEARS to finally get on line and be able to possibly talk to you...since I never got to send back the postcard for feedback on the Bava book...Let me take the opporunity to not only belatedly congratualte you on your life consuming efforts and fruition thereof but say to you that as someone who shares a birthday with the subject that for aomeone like me who has felt a kinship with people one has never MET, it is particularly important to note this affinity. NO ONE COULD HAVE DONE WHAT YOU DID. At least no one who had the resources,an understanding and involved wife and loads of support from all us modern day patrons of the arts who supported you through many years of the quest to finish the mastadon! Feel free if you get a chance to email me as it has been many years since I have suscibed although I have still always purchased the magazine...and as Donna knows only temporarily stopped at the last few months before the Bava book was published.st caught MAD DOG COLL on TCM (than GOD for them) and lamented the passing you noted in the Watchdog of John Davis Chandler too. Say hi to Donna for me...we've spoken many times over the years. Dennis.

Dennis, Nate Yapp (the


Nate Yapp (the proprietor of this site) kindly sent me a link to this place, realizing that your reply was intended for me. This is not my website. Video Watchdog is at www.videowatchdog.com and I also have a Facebook page where I am commonly found. I should be contacted there.

Best to you and thanks to Nate,

Tim Lucas

Thanks to both you and Nate.

Thanks to both you and Nate. Appreciate the comments being forwarded and am going to Tim's site now...Dennis

Without Kevin McCarthy's

Without Kevin McCarthy's participation in Invasion of the Body Snatchers, that classic sci-fi film would not have been the superb film it was. Kevin's acting ability and, in fact, every actor and actress who appeared in that movie, made it what it was: an unforgettable story, keenly written and directed by folks who knew how to make a classic. The pacing of the film was excellent and the increasingly suspenseful music just right.

One of those films with a great ending that left it open for a sequel. Too bad they didn't do a sequel with the original cast the following year. They could have broaden the story to Washington D.C., the Pentagon, the White House, Congress, the Senate, the military, even the United Naitions Building in NYC. Hmmm.... 

Keep running through the streets, Kevin McCarthy, warning us that they're here, keep yelling we'll be next, we'll become one of them if we fall sleep.


Oh, how sad. He was an

Oh, how sad. He was an amazing actor. I heard he was still acting too. He was or had played a doctor in some upcoming movie called Drawback, I think. He was brilliant. But besides the Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the first movie that I saw him in was UHF playing that R.J Fletcher lol. He was brilliant actor, one of the best that will be truly missed. 


RIP Mr.McCarthy 


Thanks for letting me know about him passing, I hadn't heard a word of it.



A classy and a fine actor. He

A classy and a fine actor. He will be missed