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Legend Films Releases Horrors from the Paramount Vault

Legend Films, known for releasing excellent restorations of classic horror films in both their original black & white and newly colorized forms, has licensed a number of classic horror and sci-fi titles from Paramount, according to DVD Drive-in. This is great news for horror fans, as up until recently, Paramount has been reluctant to release these "library" films. Included in the deal are Amicus flicks like The Skull (1965) and The Deadly Bees (1967), the Hammer thriller The Man Who Could Cheat Death (1959), Roger Christian's The Sender (1982), the slasher parody Student Bodies (1981), Saul Bass's ants amok movie Phase IV (1974), and the wacky Jekyll and Hyde Together Again (1982). Non-horror titles include ZPG (1972) and the William Castle-directed comedy The Busy Body (1967). Legend will make some of these films available through their website in April, and all titles will be released to retail in blocks throughout June and July.

the man who could cheat death

As an Australian who collects an enormous range of DVDs among which English Gothic films figure fairly prominently, I applaud the coming release of Terence Fisher's (up until now) elusive The Man Who Could Cheat Death, but I'm dismayed that this Paramount/Legend release is to be exclusively released through Best Buy, a DVD seller which pointedly does not ship internationally. This means , of course, as with other "exclusives" to Best Buy like the wonderful Classic Sci-Fi Ultimate Collections I shall have to wait until some Amazon or e-Bay seller puts it out there globally which could of course mean a much lengthier wait than I had hoped. Given the niche market for these gems globally, surely outfits like Best Buy are not thinking outside thev square to exclude potential regular customers like me (and many of my friends in the Antipodes I might add). One more thing: is Legend releasing as an optional extra the international version of The Man Who Could Cheat Death?