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Happy 80th Birthday, Jesus Franco

Jesus Franco

Put up the banners and bring out the cake! Prolific and oft-misunderstood genre auteur Jesus Franco, the man behind The Awful Dr. Orlof, The Diabolical Dr. Z, Venus in Furs, and Vampyros Lesbos, becomes an octagenarian today. In his eighty years of life, he's directed nearly 200 films, often writing, acting, and composing the musical score as well. Sure, he's reviled as a hack in some circles, but a number of critics (including the inestimable Tim Lucas) have also sung his praises. You can count me among his fans, as well. His films are like free-form jazz, played by a distractable genius who hasn't discovered Ritalin yet -- and I mean that as praise. There are moments, sublime moments, in some of Franco's films that simply cannot be found with any other director. He's a treasure and I'm happy to hear that he's still going. Feliz cumpleaños, Jesus.

Ten Years of Classic-Horror.com

Curse of Classic-Horror faux poster

Here we are, ten crazy years after a naïve sixteen-year-old started the website that would eventually become Classic-Horror.com. Back then, I just wanted a corner of the Internet to express my half-formed opinions on the genre that I loved. I had no idea that it would still be here ten years later or that it would take me all the places it has taken me. I have no interest in rehashing the past decade, though. I would like to say that I am deeply grateful to the friends, family, writers, and readers who have helped make Classic-Horror what it is today. (read more...)

Happy 9th Birthday, Classic-Horror!

Nine years ago today, Classic-Horror launched as a subset of my Angelfire personal page. We look forward to providing more awesome reviews, news, interviews, and features in the year to come. Keep an eye out for our Comic-Con coverage next month and our annual review marathon in October.

On a personal note, I want to thank the readers, writers, and all the folks who have been kind enough to grant us interviews over the years. Without all of you, this site wouldn't be one-quarter of what it is today.(read more...)

Happy 75th Anniversary, Toho!

Seventy-five years ago, Japanese production company Toho Company Ltd. started its life near the Hankyu Railway. Originally named Tokyo-Takarazuka Theater Company, it would grow to be the largest film production studio in Japan. For sci-fi/horror fans, they are perhaps most famous for their kaiju ("strange beast") films, most of them featuring the radioactive dinosaur Godzilla. They also produced Masaki Kobayashi's horror anthology Kwaidan (1964).(read more...)

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