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Tribute Video: Universal Monsters

Universal Monsters vid banner

Under my vidder alias "Jetpack Monkey", I recently created a fanvid for Universal's classic monster movies, set to Rob Thomas's "Ever the Same." I chose the song because I wanted something modern and poppy to create a juxtaposition with the Gothic imagery (in point of fact, I really kind of hate the song). I've embedded it below.

If you have trouble viewing the video on Classic-Horror, it is also available as a 26MB Quicktime file (right-click the link and select "Save as..." from the menu).(read more...)

Ben Chapman 1925 - 2008

Ben Chapman newsreel pic

Over at the Classic Horror Film Boards (no relation to Classic-Horror.com), Tom Weaver reported that Ben Chapman, the actor who performed as the Creature in the on-land sequences of Creature from the Black Lagoon, died this morning (February 21st) of undisclosed causes. He was 82.

Ben's death has particular meaning here at Classic-Horror, because he was one of the first interviews we ran, all the way back in 2002. You can read it here.(read more...)

Strike Entertainment in Pre-Production on "Black Lagoon" Remake

Buried in Variety.com's news story about Brothers of Invention is the tidbit that Strike Entertainment (Dawn of the Dead '04, Slither) is in pre-production on the long-rumored remake of Universal's 1954 classic Creature from the Black Lagoon. Producer Gary Ross (Pleasantville, Big) has already written the screenplay, and Breck Eisner (Sahara) is set to direct.

Ben Chapman Interview

Ben Chapman newsreel pic

Whether you were trick-or-treating, partying in a Playboy Bunny costume, or toilet-papering your boss’s house, I’m sure I got your Halloween beat. On October 31, 2002, I got the opportunity to have a lengthy chat with the last of the Universal Monsters.(read more...)

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