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Zombie/Reality TV Mash-up "Dead Set" Coming to IFC

Jamie Winstone in Dead Set

In early 2009, one of our British correspondents, Simon Powell, reviewed a fascinating-sounding miniseries called Dead Set. Written by satirist Charlie Brooker, Dead Set mixed a zombie apocalypse with the reality television series Big Brother. Simon gave it a positive review, and I despaired that the show, which made its debut on the UK-based channel E4, would never see make it across the pond to the USA. Well, those worries are now dispelled -- Dead Set is making its American debut on IFC. Starting on October 25th, each of the five parts will air at 12:00AM midnight (Eastern time), with the entire series being shown in a marathon on Halloween night at 8PM Eastern.

Here's the official synopsis: Flesh eating zombies have taken over Britain and are multiplying as quickly as they kill. Survivors must rapidly find ways to endure in a world that offers little refuge. Cocooned in the safety of their Big Brother house, fame-seeking contestants of this hit reality TV game show are safe and blissfully unaware -- until "eviction night," when all hell breaks loose. 


This sounds like is has the

This sounds like is has the potential for some really biting satire (no pun intended...no, really) givent he way relaity shows have tranformed TV. I'll be looking forwrd to it. Thanks!

The latest issue of

The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly gave it a B+.

Watching it on E4 (living in

Watching it on E4 (living in the UK) it seemed more like light hearted entertaiment for me.

I only say this because having been subjected to the Big Brother format for ten years in the UK (which in my opinoin was more terrible than being IN a zombie apocalypse) this allowed me to smile while seeing vain glory seeking wanna bes sit in a house and be killed by zombies.


I loved Dead set so

I loved Dead set so much,i,ordered a region 2 copy thru Amazon(along with a region 2 copy of REC 2) and bought an all region DVD player.Dead Set has the typical dry humour of british films,but,also had a fair amount of action and Morality.I found the ending to be very profound and sad.Sort of a serious Shaun of the Dead.