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Series: Edgar Wallace krimis

Review: The Door with Seven Locks (1962)

Door with Seven Locks poster

Before the giallo, there was the krimi – West German crime films frequently based on the works of British novelist Edgar Wallace and his son Bryan Edgar Wallace. These movies were marked by their sensationalistic content and their tendency to skirt the horror genre when they weren't plunging headlong into it. Alfred Vohrer's The Door with Seven Locks (German title: Die Tür mit den 7 Schlösser) is a horror-skirter, but it also skirts nearly every other genre that doesn't involve bursting into song or traveling back in time. If it can conceivably be stuffed into a pulp crime novel, it's here. With so many weird plot elements flying around, The Door with Seven Locks often feels a little breathless, but it's quite enjoyable if you don't bother with thinking through its various twists and contrivances.
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Review: Circus of Fear (1966)

Circus of Fear poster

Based on the titles that this film is known as, and the fact that Christopher Lee is in it, many people might assume that Circus of Fear is a horror film. It isn't. It's a fairly straightforward mystery/suspense film. So, if you are looking for horror only, avoid this one. On the other hand, if you are a fan of mystery and suspense, you might like Circus of Fear.(read more...)

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