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Morality and Mortality in "Pathology"

Pathology Cast

Death, to most people, is a fairly abstract concept. Pathologists, though, deal with the physical reality of death. They face daily reminders that the human body is easily broken. Reminders that every one of us has an expiration date.

Pathology, a new horror-thriller which came out in limited release on April 18th, gives us a look at a group of medical students that deal with death by pushing their own lives to the limits. Drugs, twisted sex and murder are just recreational activities for these characters.

“We've numbed ourselves to what death is to many people - to whatever that provokes,” says Michael Weston, who plays Dr. Jake Gallo. “And that numbness has caused us to try and find out what really makes us alive. My character has a bunch of friends that he corrals into this 'game' of murder. ”(read more...)

A Look Ahead to "Torchwood" Season 2

Torchwood Season 2 Cast

Warning: Spoilers for "Doctor Who" season three and "Torchwood" season one below.  Mild spoilers for "Torchwood" season two.

If you're hooked on BBC America's airings of "Torchwood," you'll be glad to hear that work on season two has already begun.  It won't air until January of 2008 in the UK and no word yet on a US air date, so the creators were understandably tight-lipped about what was coming.  "If I say too much now, it'll be old news by the time it comes out," says head writer Chris Chibnall.  Still, they did share a few tidbits from the upcoming season.

Chibnall says, "In season one, It's almost like a dysfunctional family  It's about these kind of disparate people trying to work together, trying to work each other out.  In season two, that family is much more tight-knit.  And it's about them going out in the world as a very close-knit team."(read more...)

Torchwood: Aliens, Monsters and Sex Coming To BBC America

Torchwood cast

Aliens, time travel, sex, monsters, violence, sex, conspiracies, cover-ups and oh yeah, sex.  "Torchwood," which comes to the United States this Saturday on BBC America, is the little brother of "Doctor Who," or maybe the raunchy cousin who's got all the good porn on his computer.  "Torchwood" takes the popular character Captain Jack Harkness from the first season of Russell T. Davies's revival of "Doctor Who" and gives him a team and a show of his own.  He's the leader of Torchwood Three in Cardiff, Wales, a team that's "separate from the government, outside the police and beyond the United Nations."  (Torchwood One was destroyed in the season two finale of "Doctor Who" and we never hear much about the other Torchwood bases.)(read more...)

A Glimpse at "Moonlight."

CBS has just released new promo images for the show Moonlight which premieres on Friday, Sept. 28 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT).

From left to right: Vampires Josef (Jason Dohring), Coraline (Shannyn Sossamon) and Mick St. John (Alex O'Loughlin) and the (human) reporter Beth Turner (Sophia Myles).(read more...)

It's Nothing Like "Angel," We Swear: CBS's New Vamp Detective Show "Moonlight"

Sophia Myles and Alex O'Loughlin

He sleeps in a freezer, not a coffin.  He gets his blood from his dealer, a guy who works at a blood bank.  He doesn't burst into flames in the sun and he can't be killed with a stake through the heart.  He likes golf, Steve McQueen movies, classic Star Trek and Miles Davis.  That's the modern vampire as seen on the new fall show Moonlight (airing Fridays on CBS at 9PM EST/PST, starting September 28th).

Mick St. John, played by Alex O'Loughlin, is the latest vampire detective to hit primetime TV.  It's a subgenre that most people equate with Joss Whedon's prematurely cancelled Angel.  Executive producer Joel Silver says that Moonlight will not be Angel 2.0.  "It's just a different world," he says.  "There are no demons, there are no other entities.  It's a world where there are vampires, and they're around, and they're living among us.(read more...)