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Review: Series 7: The Contenders (2001)

Series 7 poster

I was quite surprised by this low-budget offering from first-time writer/director Daniel Minahan. Emerging in 2001, this cold-hearted satire was well timed to coincide with the rise of reality television into the collective consciousness of living rooms worldwide.

The plot is simple. Six people are randomly chosen via a lottery to participate in the seventh series of a deadly television show, "The Contenders." Armed with a selection of weapons, they must eliminate their fellow contestants while being taped by a camera crew and broadcast to a nation hooked on reality TV. The winner receives big cash prizes!(read more...)

Review: Eight Legged Freaks (2002)

Eight Legged Freaks poster

I'm uncertain as to who Eight Legged Freaks is aimed at. It's billed as a horror/comedy but is unsuccessful at eliciting either horror or laughs from the viewer, namely me. I guess the best way to define it would be as a homage to camp classics like Them, Tarantula and Giant Spider Invasion. A less impressive way to define it would be as an inefficient version of Tremors. The worst definition would be Attack of The Killer Tomatoes with more budget and less laughs.(read more...)