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Born in '59 and living in The Netherlands ever since. I live in as much hermitage as I can get. I wouldn't say I'm a misanthrope but I do love horror movies, most notably art house, nouvelle vague, and horror movies from Italy and the Far East. Apart from watching movies and writing about them, my time is mostly consumed by running a family with a wife and 2 kids, a couple of jazz and metal bands as a composer and a guitarist, and a local culture venue. My chimey smokes from my professional endeavours as a tax lawyer, but I'm still spending some of my wee hours trying to get my masters degree on philosophy.
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Non-Horrors of the 21st Century

We're almost halfway this decade. And, truth be told, it's a pretty meager harvest considering the size of the industry and its output. Most horror movies are borderline action flicks: overblown, loud, fast cut and, most of all, pre-formatted.(read more...)