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Posts by Dan Haynes

Review: [REC] (2007)

[REC] poster

The problem with most contemporary zombie movies is that so little of them bring anything new or innovative to the dining table. Half the time they end up merely imitating, poorly, the best aspects of George Romero’s Dead films and Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later, despite the fact that 28 Days Later is not a zombie film. Others are just big Schwarzenegger-style action movies with a lot of gratuitous violence and bad storytelling. Thus we, the movie-going public, end up with a lot of crap like the Resident Evil films. It also means that we rarely get to see anything that is new and even half-way original. All of this just adds more fuel to the oft-spoken question, has Hollywood run out of ideas? Well, I would have to agree that they have. The rest of the world, however, has not.(read more...)

Review: The Lost (2005)

The Lost 2005 DVD

From the very beginning, The Lost catches you off guard and lets you know you’re in for something different from the usual teenage psychopath movie.  While “different” is something to be admired and should be encouraged more often, it hardly qualifies the film for masterpiece status.  The Lost is a mixed bag; one with some unsettling performances and shocking violence, but it also has paper-thin characters and performances as well as a mix of drama and horror that doesn’t work.(read more...)

Review: The Dead Zone (1983)

Dead Zone

The Dead Zone is a rare film that manages to be both a great literary adaptation, and a strong film on its own terms.  Adapted from a best-selling novel by Stephen King and directed by David Cronenberg, one might easily expect the film to be extremely disturbing and unrelenting in its depiction of graphic violence and bodily horrors, making it marketable only to hardcore horror fans.  Instead, The Dead Zone is an understated piece of work with a near absence of violence and gore that still manages to be compelling, thought provoking, and accessible to mainstream moviegoers. (read more...)

Review: From Beyond (1986)

From Beyond poster

How do you top Re-Animator, one of the funniest fright films of the 1980s? How do you top a movie that features a severed, undead head going down on a naked Barbara Crampton?  Well, how do you?  A difficult task, but it’s easily accomplished if you up the ante in terms of a great script, strong performances, and squirm inducing special effects/make-up.  Under Stuart Gordon’s masterful direction, these elements come together seamlessly, making From Beyond one of the most enjoyable and most enjoyably disgusting horror films of the 1980s.(read more...)