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John Carradine

The Masters: John Carradine
February 5, 1906
November 27, 1988
Horror Movies as Actor
The Invisible Man 1933
The Black Cat 1934
Bride of Frankenstein 1935
The Hound of the Baskervilles 1939
Captive Wild Woman 1943
Revenge of the Zombies 1943
Bluebeard 1944
House of Frankenstein 1944
The Invisible Man's Revenge 1944
Jungle Woman 1944
The Mummy's Ghost 1944
Return of the Ape Man 1944
Voodoo Man 1944
House of Dracula 1945
The Face of Marble 1946
The Black Sleep 1956
The Unearthly 1957
Half Human 1958
Invasion of the Animal People 1959
Invisible Invaders 1959
Curse of the Stone Hand 1964
House of the Black Death 1965
The Wizard of Mars 1965
Billy the Kid vs. Dracula 1966
Autopsy of a Ghost 1967
Dr. Terror's Gallery of Horrors 1967
Hillbillys in a Haunted House 1967
Madame Death 1967
Diabolical Pact 1968
The Vampire Girls 1968
Astro-Zombies 1969
Blood of Dracula's Castle 1969
Daughter of the Mind 1969
The Mummy and the Curse of the Jackals 1969
Secret of Death 1969
Bigfoot 1970
Blood of the Iron Maiden 1970
Horror of the Blood Monsters 1970
Beast of the Yellow Night 1971
Blood Legacy 1971
Honey Britches 1971
Blood of Ghastly Horror 1972
The Cat Creature 1973
The Night Strangler 1973
Terror in the Wax Museum 1973
The House of Seven Corpses 1974
Silent Night, Bloody Night 1974
Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary 1975
Death at Love House 1976
Moonchild 1976
Crash! 1977
Satan's Cheerleaders 1977
The Sentinel 1977
Shock Waves 1977
The Bees 1978
Doctor Dracula 1978
Monster 1979
Nocturna 1979
Vampire Hookers 1979
The Boogeyman 1980
The Monster Club 1980
Frankenstein Island 1981
The Howling 1981
The Nesting 1981
Satan's Mistress 1982
The Scarecrow 1982
House of the Long Shadows 1983
Evils of the Night 1985
Monster in the Closet 1986
Revenge 1986
The Tomb 1986
Evil Spawn 1987
Buried Alive 1990
Jack-O 1995

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