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Classic-Horror.com Podcast #1

Alucarda poster

Call this an interesting experiment. A few months ago, I had a notion to start up a regular podcast for Classic-Horror.com. To that end, I bought the necessary equipment and audio software, rang up my good buddy Tenebrous Kate, and recorded what you might call a "pilot episode." Although Kate and I had a lot of fun, the post-production turned out to be a pain (let's just say that this recording took place more than two months ago), so this is likely to be a very irregular feature. Continue on for details on the episode and a download link.

Episode Details: For Classic-Horror.com's very first podcast, C-H's editor-in-creep Nate Yapp sits down with his good friend Tenebrous Kate of the blog "Love Train for the Tenebrous Empire" (http://tenebrouskate.blogspot.com/) to discuss two devilishly weird films.

First up, it's The Black Cat (1934). Fifteen years after he was made a prisoner-of-war by his general's betrayal, Dr. Vitus Werdegast (Bela Lugosi) has tracked down the traitor, Hjalmar Poelzig (Boris Karloff). Inside Poelzig's art deco abode (built on the foundations of the fortress he once commanded), the two wage a battle of wits, with the lives and souls of a stranded newlywed couple (Jacqueline Wells and David Manners) as the wager.

Then, we head South of the Border for the Mexican film Alucarda (1975). Justine (Susana Kamini) arrives at the convent after the deaths of her parents, and quickly befriends her roommate, the vivacious but disturbed Alucarda (Tina Romero). The two fall into a bizarre, codependent relationship, with Alucarda clearly dominating Justine (whose name is a reference to De Sade’s heroine). To seal their bond, Alucarda calls on Satan, and the girls are inducted into the service of the devil.

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Download the podcast (right-click / ctrl-click the link and choose the Save Link As... option)

Thank you thank you for the

Thank you thank you for the invite to participate in this project!  I had a blast chit-chatting with you, even though you DID totally trick me into blogging about "Alucarda"  ;)  Thanks for taking the time to edit me into some sort of coherence. You rock, man!

Word verification: dedham genera, which sounds like a Western/hospital melodrama with a creepy supernatural element.  I just totally pitched a movie!

Great job, the both of you!

Great job, the both of you! An entertaining and elucidating discussion, on two movies that are both near and dear to my heart. I cut my teeth on the Universal Classics (as you already know, TK), so it's always great to geek out on their gothicky goodness. ;)

You can't ask for better

You can't ask for better Universal goodness than The Black Cat.  Bravo, guys!

I've heard about Alucarda

I've heard about Alucarda from watching The Cinema Snob's review of it. I'm actually kind of curious to see it. However I'll make sure that I'm not suffering from a hangover if I do watch it. I wouldn't want my brain to explode into a million pieces from the endless screaming.

Hey Lindsey -- glad you made

Hey Lindsey -- glad you made it our way!

"He went for a little walk! You should have seen his face!"