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I'm a freelance journalist who lives with my parents, my sister, my dog, and my imaginary, 6-foot-tall rabbit named Harvey. My sister Brooklynn (also referred to by me as "Beetlejuice" and "BJ") is 13-years-old, and is not only one of my best friends but also one of my fiercest adversaries. I have a legendary puppy named Colin - named so in honor of Tim and Daisy's dog from the UK television classic "Spaced" - who is usually the only person that can make me feel better whenever I feel down because a dog's love is flawlessly unconditional. Aside from wanting to be a readily available mentor for BJ during her formative years, the main reason I live at home is my physically disabled mother.

I graduated with honors from Butler County High School in 2002. I began classes at Western Kentucky University a few weeks later, majoring in News/Editorial Journalism, General Studies, and English (Writing Option), with a minor in Film Studies. I flunked out after the Fall semester of 2003. The sad part is that what caused me to flunk out had absolutely no relation to why I was in college in the first place. I'm not going to rant about college curriculum, but if you make it through high school, it makes no sense for them to make you relive it in a condensed form they call "General Education". The sheer indignation I felt at being made to take senseless classes caused me to basically shut down.

Find more about me @ Facebook, Twitter, or my website, Chris.Dude.