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Cool Vincent Price Tribute Poster

Vincent Price tribute poster by Eric Slager

Disheartened by a conversation he overheard at his local video rental store, graphic designer Eric Slager felt that word needed to get out on the awesomeness that is Vincent Price. So he created an awesome poster that presents the titles of some of Price's greatest works in the shape of the actor's face, garnished with his meticulously coiffed hair and waxed moustache. You can read the whole story at Slager's blog. It's a really cool piece of art for which we are happy to boost the signal.

That is super cool!! I love

That is super cool!! I love it!

Overhearing that conversation

Overhearing that conversation would have depressed me as well, but what do you expect from a culture that insists "Hostel 2" is horror (as opposed to "horrible piece of crap")?

I love Vincent Price!!! I

I love Vincent Price!!! I just watched From a Whisper to a Scream (1987), and it was very fun. At the very least, everyone has to have seen Eddy Scissorhands right?! I had a similarly disheartening experience as a video store clerk - group of 5 teens looking for a horror movie for their sleepover. One picks up the original Halloween and says, "How about this? This is supposed to be scary", to which the leader of the pack responds, "No, that is not scary. That is boring. We should watch the Zombie version". WTF?! That tasteless little turd screwed 4 people out of the glory that is John Carpenter's Halloween. Needless to say, after a very Randall from Clerks moment, in which I told them my opinion on the matter, I went in the back and shed a little tear. 

Very nice. Looks very

Very nice. Looks very Hitchcockian or at least something that you'd see in the 60s. 

What can I say? To me,

What can I say? To me, Vincent Price is the greatest “horror” star in movie history. When I look through my video collection of classic spook flicks, Vincent’s name is seen more than any other actor. (Only Boris Karloff comes in a very close second.) Even when he couldn’t be seen, simply hearing Mr. Price’s voice could produce chills down my spine. This poster is a wonder tribute to the Master of Horror. Sadly, today’s generation only has one “classic horror” actor left, Christopher Lee, and his genre has been changed from horror to fantasy.


As I posted on Mr. Slager's

As I posted on Mr. Slager's blog, these women who came to the store seemed to be inquiring about what films the store had for an actor that they had next to no interest in. If they had interest in Vincent Price, there's a fair chance the ladies would've come in with at least some modicum of information to the extent at least that he was an actor in films years ago. They could've at least got that information on the net. So why come in to a video store looking for films of an actor that you either don't know or just care very little about? I likened it to myself going into a video store asking about other films done by members of the cast of the "Twilight" films. I've seen the films (not by choice) and have little interest in either them or the cast.

On a related note to the story, I also mentioned in the blog reply that I personally don't expect others to have had the same exposure to film and tv and the same likes and dislikes that I had growing up or have now. I am a huge Chris Lee fan and I know folks who either love him, like him, are indifferent to him, hate him, or don't even know who he is. That's ok, because I love him and that's all that I need. In fact, I love him, Lugosi, Karloff, Chaney Sr and Jr, Cushing, Price, Lorre and many others. 

Just like it's ok for me to not be a fan of the "Twilight" series or of its cast. There are millions of other fans out there. This is the beauty of being a fan of tv and film. It is all subjective. 


Kevin Nickelson "Suffering!? Sometimes I wonder if you know the meaning of the word!" (Peter Cushing-"House of Long Shadows"/1982)

An excellent tribute to a

An excellent tribute to a great star.

And  don't forget that on May 27th 2011 it will be Mr. Price's 100th birthday!

that is such a great poster,

that is such a great poster, i need that

What! Who dares speak ill of

What! Who dares speak ill of Vincent Price?! Off with his (or her) head!

Great poster, too.