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"Hatchet" a Slasher Actor Bonanza


If you're a fan of the classic slasher franchises A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, and Candyman, then this news tidbit is most certainly for you. You see, there's a new film going into production called Hatchet, and not only will it feature the fan-favorite actor that portrayed Mr. Jason Vorhees himself in many of the Friday the 13th films, Kane Hodder (playing the main blade-wielding villain, Victor Crowley) but it has recently been announced that two other famous genre actors will be acting in the film: Robert Englund (who doesn't need an introduction or explanation, but in case you're missing most of your horror film mentality, he's the guy who has played Freddy Krueger in EVERY Nightmare on Elm Street film) and Tony Todd (who has portrayed the titular character in all three Candyman films). Remember how cool it was when all these guys were in the same film together in the first Wishmaster? If you do, you know it's friggin' awesome, and if you don't, well, you've got another chance to catch these charismatic psychos unite when Hatchet hits your retinas (but even still, if you haven't seen Wishmaster, you need to rent it).

While an official release date for Hatchet has not yet been announced, expect to hear one if you keep reading this here column in the weeks to come.

Oh, and while you're at it, get even more pumped for the film by checking out its official website at http://www.hatchetmovie.com.