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Have an Idea for "Freddy vs. Jason 2"?

Freddy vs. Jason 2's development status has been on and off. First we hear it's going to happen, and that Ash will be joining the battle, then we hear that that idea has been completely scrapped, then we hear that there are no plans for the sequel, then we hear there are, then we hear there aren't again, and so on and so forth. Well, Creature-corner.com recently reported that they've had a chance to speak with the vice-president of production at New Line Cinema, and he said the following about FvJ2:

"Unfortunately, there are no current plans for a sequel…Would love to hear from fans if this is disappointing to them. Also, would love to know what story they would want to see since the Ash match-up hasn't worked out."

The Corner is offering fans the chance to submit their ideas on who'd they'd like Freddy and Jason to encounter next, so if you want your opinion to count, definitely make it a point to click the source link below and find out how you can send your ideas to New Line. Personally, I'd be happy with any slasher entering the franchise, whether it be Leatherface, Michael Meyers, etc. There's not many things cooler than seeing famous film monsters crossover from their normal franchises in an effort to battle each other to the death, so bring it on, I say.