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International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival 2008 Starts Tonight

Arizona horror fans will want to head to Chandler, AZ tonight for the first night of the International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival 2008. They're kicking off with a showing of Sundance Selection Donkey Punch at 8:00PM.  Grab your tickets and head out to Chandler Cinemas (2140 N Arizona Ave, Chandler, AZ) for the beginning of what promises to be an exciting (and deliciously sponsored-in-part-by Classic-Horror.com) festival.

We've included some of the highlights of the weekend below:


8:00 PM - Donkey Punch - 2008, UK. Dir: Oliver Blackburn. Theater 10.


7:00 PM - Friday the 13th - 1980, USA. Dir: Sean Cunningham. Special appearance by star Adrienne King. Theater 10.

9:30 PM - Midnite Movie Mamacita's Grindhouse Redux! Featuring Herschell Gordon Lewis's Wizard of Gore (1970, USA) and Cirio H. Santiago's Vampire Hookers (1978, Philippines/USA), starring John Carradine. Theater 10.

11:30 PM - Tokyo Gore Police - 2008, Japan/USA. Dir: Yoshihiro Nishimura. Theater 6.


2:00 PM - The Blob - 1958, USA. Dir: Irvin S. Yeaworth. Theater 10.

2:15 PM - Hell's Ground - 2007, Pakistan/UK. Dir: Omar Khan. Theater 5.

8:00 PM - Re-Animator - 1985, USA. Dir: Stuart Gordon. Special appearance by star Jeffrey Combs. Theater 10.

10:30 PM - Tokyo Gore Police. Theater 5.

10:45 PM - Donkey Punch. Theater 6.

11:00 PM - Rocky Horror Picture Show - 1975, USA. Dir: Jim Sharman. Theater 10.


4:00 PM - Hell's Ground. Theater 5.

7:00 PM - Closing Event: Sukiyaki Western Django - 2007, Japan. Dir: Takashi Miike. Theater 10.

You can order your tickets online at Brown Paper Tickets and find out more about all the other films playing at the festival's official website.