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Lamberto Bava Talks "Room 213", "Masters of Italian Horror"


Lamberto Bava, director of Demons and son of Italian horror legend Mario Bava, talked to Fangoria recently about his upcoming project, Room 213. “It's a psychological thriller about a girl who is studying a serial killer,” Lamberto said. "The killer is still alive, but he has been in a coma for six years. However, someone starts to kill again in the same style as him—but is it just a copycat or could it be something else? It is very strong—very bloody."

Bava is also still trying to get Masters of Italian Horror up and running. While the name is clearly derived from the American "Masters of Horror" Showtime series, MoIH will actually be four full-length theatrical features from Bava, Umberto Lenzi (Cannibal Ferox), Sergio Martino (All the Colors of the Dark), and newcomer Nicola Rondolino. The Masters moniker is merely a title to tie the four films together as a package for international distribution.

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