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"Let the Right One In" Cleans Up at the 2008 Cyber-Horror Awards!

Cyber-Horror Awards

Proving that one controversial list deserves another, list-making impresario B-Sol, owner of the Vault of Horror blog, gathered together the Cyber-Horror Elite, a motley collection of horror bloggers and site-runners, for his most ambitious aggregation of diverse opinions yet -- the 2008 Cyber Horror Awards. The nineteen participating Elite voted in twelve different categories, each one named in honor of a person who had contributed greatly to horror in the past (e.g. the Bernard Herrmann Award for Best Musical Score and the Jamie Lee Curtis Award for Best Actress).

On Monday, the winners were announced. Most notable was the sweep by Tomas Alfredson's Let the Right One In for all seven of the categories in which it was nominated, including the major feat of nabbing Best Screenplay, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Director, and Best Film. I'm quite pleased to be so unsurprised in the case, as Let the Right One In was easily my favorite horror film -- nay, my favorite film period -- of 2008. Due to bizarre rules, it's not eligible for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film until next year's awards, so it's nice to see the movie get proper recognition now.

To see the rest of winners, as well as the other two categories that Let the Right One In won in, head over to B-Sol's Cyber Horror Awards blog.

Incidentally, although I was invited, I did not participate in this particular round of voting because I ended up seeing so few new horror films in 2008.

Let the Right One In = amazing

I totally agree with LTROI's wins.  It was not only the best horror film of 2008 by far, but really was one of the best movies, period (hence why it made my top 10 list, which you can read at my blog).