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New Line and Platinum Dunes Bring Back Freddy Krueger

Bloody Disgusting first broke the news in January that New Line Cinema was considering a return to the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, but had no solid ideas. Today, The Hollywood Report brings the official word -- New Line will team up with Michael Bay's remake-machine production company Platinum Dunes for what appears to be a remake of the 1984 original. The two companies are already working together on a new Friday the 13th flick and were previously partners on 2003's Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, so this seems like a logical extension.

Here's my thing -- stop it. Please. Is Hollywood so creatively bankrupt that we can't come up with new ideas? Barring that, what about sequels? Logical -- or hell, I'll take illogical at this point -- continuations and expansions of existing storylines. We live in an era where whole companies like Platinum Dunes are dedicated to remaking American horror films (they also have new takes on Near Dark and The Birds in the works). Other companies like Vertigo Entertainment never met a Japanese horror film they didn't like better with an American cast.

This is not a new rant by any means, but it's my turn to have it. I've hit my limit. The studios need to agree to the WGA's terms now, end the writers' strike, and then maybe we can get some fresh ideas rolling onto the screen.