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New "Repo! The Genetic Opera" Trailer

Anthony Stewart Head and Ogre in Repo! The Genetic Opera

Other than horror, my favorite film genre has to be the musical -- from Top Hat to Singin' in the Rain to Tommy to Moulin Rouge. I especially love a good rock opera, which is why I'm especially excited for the upcoming limited release of Darren Lynn Bousman's Repo! The Genetic Opera. Set in the year 2056, in a world where replacement organs can be bought on credit, the job of the Repo Man (Anthony Stewart Head, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer") is to repossess the purchased goods when payments aren't met -- by any means necessary. In civilian life, the Repo Man is Nathan Wallace, a father sheltering his sick daughter (Alexa Vega) from the world as well as his dark secret. Much singing commences.

LionsGate has released a new trailer for the film and DreadCentral has it. Give a view and hopefully I'll see you at the Opera on November 7th.