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PopMatters Presents a Week of "Night of the Living Dead" Essays

In one of the most ambitious salutes to a single film I have seen in a long time, PopMatters has used the last week of October to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead with a series of essays. Not content with just one essay per day, however, they have organized their tribute into five themed days consisting of six articles each.

Day 1, centered around Night's origins and inspirations, begins with an introduction from the man himself, George A. Romero, and includes a look at the film's deconstruction of the home as a safe haven by our very own Chris Justice. Day 2 explores why the film still resonates with us to this day. Night's political and sociological subtexts are the focus of Day 3, while Day 4 delves into the film's "everlasting legacy." Day 5 brings the week to a close on a more personal note, with ruminations on what Night means to the various writers on a human level. It also includes a piece of flash fiction which is, as the author notes, "inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald and George Romero."

Frankly, I'm envious of the great work done by these guys. It's a tribute both worthy of Night of the Living Dead and yet somehow not enough (because nothing will ever be enough). Take some time to check it out.